Youth Civic Hackathons

What is Civic Hacking?

“Civic hacking is people working together quickly and creatively to make their cities better for everyone.”
-Jake Levitas

A civic hackathon is a 1-2 day event in which people rapidly form teams to build prototypes that tackle a pre-defined problem or set of problems. Youth hackathons are fantastic project-based-learning experiences that combine civics, design thinking, rapid prototyping, teamwork and social entrepreneurship in a fun, hands-on setting for learners.

Our most recent civic hackathon

In March of 2016 we helped Facing History and Ourselves run their first youth civic hackathon.


At ChangeX we care deeply about engaging youth with civic innovation. We were one of the earliest organizations to explore how this experience can be made accessible for teenagers and ran San Francisco’s first Youth Civic Hackathon in partnership with TechShop SF.

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Interested in running your own Youth Civic Hackathon?

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